String of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii also known as String of Hearts or Rosary Vine is a must have in any plant collection! It trails beautifully with adorable little heart shaped leaves. Oftentimes it gets lumped in with the other “String of’s” But

Potting: String of Hearts thrive in a well draining soil. So be sure to choose a soil a high quality soil that won’t hold too much moisture. If you are making your own soil, start with a good base soil and add in some pumice and fine bark. SoH have fairly small root systems, so be sure you aren’t choosing a pot that is too large. I have mine currently in 6 inch pots, and can’t see going beyond maybe a 8 inch pot. Also be sure you pot has drainage since SoH really doesn’t like wet feet.

Light: SoH definitely love light! My variegated SoH is hanging in my south window and it’s grows like crazy. Green SoH also likes the high light of a south window, but will need to be watered a little more often when getting so much light.

Watering: String of Hearts like to dry out between watering, then have a good deep watering. I tend to be a under waterer, but SoH does just fine getting totally dry before getting watered again. It’s would definitely be better to underwater over watering too much. That said, they do need water more often than say, a String of Pearls.

Fertilizing: String of Hearts, like all plants like a little fertilizer from time to time. But it is not a heavy feeder or anything. I just shake a little Osmocote Plus into their pots each spring and they are happy as can be.

Propagating and Pruning: